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How to make a mobile friendly website

Googlebot-MobileToday most of the crowd using smartphones and they trying to be in touch with the web through this. Now Google has posted a new post to help the webmasters, how they can make their websites mobile friendly. First question raises in our mind that what is the difference between traditional mobile phones and today’s smartphones. Traditional mobile phones browsers are not capable to provide normal desktop webpages, on the other side smartphones browsers that render normal desktop webpages and this category includes iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phones, Blackberry phones, tablets etc. Webmaster are always trying to know how websites can interact with serach engines. Google has two different crawlers, one for crawling desktop-browser type of webpages called Googlebot and other one is Googlebot-Mobile for mobile websites interface. Google has mentioned that only traditional phones are supported with special User-agent strings that Googlebot-Mobile supplies when crawling. Smartphones are currently not crawl with User-agent strings but this may change in future. Currently most of the websites have only single version designed in HTML for all web browsers and they may not be access by traditional mobile phones. Webmaster can build-up 2 different versions of their website, For eg. you are having a website (www.abc.com) for desktop browsers and you also want that mobile user can also access your website, in that case you can redirect them on different URL like (m.abc.com) and Googlebot-Mobile can easily differentiate your both version without considering this as a cloaking.

For any other query you can visit Mobile Sites Help Centre

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