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Google is going to be more harder for Spammers

Google WebspamGoogle is going to change its algorithm to tackle web spammers more strongly. Google always try to show more and more unique and quality content to their users, so google’s webspam team always trying to develop new techniques to reduce spam work. Google has recently announced that they are going to change their algorithm towards spamming. Google has improved a lot in terms of  freshness, relevance and comprehensiveness then 5 years back. As Google has increased indexing size and content freshness in recent months, they have naturally indexed a lot of unique content and some spamming as well. But now Google has introduced new classifier, which is better at detecting spam work on individual webpage. Google’s webspam team has improved their ability to notice hacked sites and spamming work. They are always trying to explore new techniques to tackle spam work and improving new ways for their users to have unique and better quality content every time they search for any query. Google is taking strict actions towards those sites that violate google’s quality guidelines in terms of content or in any way.

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